This is a story about how hard domestic pigeons have it.


Mirai & bonsais! oh plus Akihito

this was my piece for the KnK artbook Chartreuse Light! posting here since preorders are over.

Happy 179th Birthday, Melbourne! 


a lot of people are calling squirtle brutal in that pokemon origins clip that was released but im just kind of sitting here laughin


yall never read the manga did you


egg concept redraw + test + funnel

really into black and gold inking..!


he sees you when you’re sleeping


A couple of rather awesome Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか★マギカ) fan art illustrations by Hiroshi Yakou (矢向宏志)—-animation director and key animator on A Certain Scientific Railgun S—-in the Coloring Book 4 Graffiti doujinshi.


Will anyone sprinkle the ocean over my head?

I want to be showered by submerged fish and sun

Inspired by Zankyou no Terror ED.

When I noticed that a hand pulled Lisa up, I thought that it’s highly possible that it’s Twelve!


I love you was what I tried so hard to say


30 day pokemon challenge

25. A pokémon that you think is overdue for an evolution